best construction for you


Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.26.40 PM.png

Allow us to help you select the wood flooring construction that works best for your project – either solid or engineered.

Solid wood expands and contracts with changes in your relative humidity and with our 3/4” solid wood, you’ll experience a more authentic look with natural movement during seasonal changes.

Or, select one of our engineered wood flooring platforms if you prefer a more refined look that is less likely to change with humidity and can be installed above and below grade. We offer two engineered wood platforms. Standard & Ultimate.

In the flooring industry as a whole, engineered flooring was created as much to save money as for stability purposes.

We use the same quality wood for our Engineered products as we do our solid. Being that we control our own forestry we have the absolute best material available to us to create the most stable platform for your needs. With that said we still manage to keep the overall cost down and pass the savings onto our customers!


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